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Monday, July 16, 2018

United Kingdom (UK) for Everybody

More than 1,500 new projects are done each year, about 60 thousand jobs are created and approximately 110 000 of them are annually safeguarded: these are the numbers of Foreign Investment in the United Kingdom relating to the annual average since 2010. The findings are contained in a report by UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) and they confirm that the UK is an excellent destination (convenient, too, from the tax point of view) to investors all around the world. The data confirm the great confidence that foreign investors have in British business.

The attraction of Foreign Direct Investment - FDI - in the United Kingdom is a important element in the economic recovery of the British Government and a basic program of growth, as it brings significant economic and social benefits to the entire United Kingdom. It also creates thousands of jobs and it helps to increase British economy with productivity and competitiveness, bringing new technologies and know-how.

With a population of over 60 million people, the United Kingdom is a important market with over 500 million potential consumers. Foreign investors in the UK receive the same support from the Government and from national companies.

The UK has a wide range of activities which are available. Among its important areas there are: Aerospace, advanced manufacturing, ICT creative industry (Information and Communication Technology), oil and gas.

Training and Education are also areas where the United Kingdom stands out: in fact, it hosts the first four Universities in Europe and four of them are among the top ten in the world.

The strategy of the British Government is clear: increasing productivity and competitiveness of British economy, strengthening its position in the market of Foreign Direct Investment - FDI - thanks to quality services and an affordable tax system. This is how the UK strengthens its leadership position as a prime business location in Europe for Foreign Direct Investment - FDI.

The UK has been the set of a particular phenomenon for a long time: the financialization of economy. This process has not been unaffected by real estate industry, where lots of real estate companies work with a constant cash-flow of Foreign capitals intermediated by one of the most globally advanced banking and financial systems. Recently, these companies have increased their exposure to other countries showing great potential. Despite of occasional stuck phases regarding number of transactions, the traditional business sector is still very dynamic and attractive for domestic investors and, above all, International ones.

Foreign Investors' attention is directed towards the following real estate types:

  • Residential.
  • Commercial and Industrial one.

In recent years, prices have been re-evaluated, sometimes duplicated, forecasting much more growth in the upcoming years.

The main reasons to invest in real estate in the United Kingdom are:
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  • High incomes from rental properties.
  • Constant revaluation of property with average annual growth of 8-12%.
  • Obtaining loans real estate investment with financing up to 80% of their value.
  • Tax system reserving a particularly favorable treatment to foreign investors.
  • No duty for residential property (Stamp Duty Land Tax - SDLT) below 125 000 GBP.

The skills and knowledge of Bright Business Consulting LLP, together with many other elements, allow anyone (both Individuals and Legal Entities) to be able to enter the real estate market with the proper "Warranty & Assistance". Bright Business Consulting LLP through its strong relationships tied in the Country is able to select and propose solutions suited to any investment needed.

More and more EU and non-EU citizens over the recent years have chosen the "Country" as a tourist destination but also as a work place where to escape to from the crisis.
In the UK, too, as in many other European Countries, the demand for skilled labor is increasing, although it is still possible to find temporary jobs that require no special skills or knowledge of a fluid Language spoken. Areas where there is a strong demand for labor and transport are logistics, business, Arts and entertainment, scientific and technology activities.

The most popular professions requested are: Analysts of processing data, Marketing Managers, Engineers, IT staff nurses,Medical Directors. The highly paid professions are: Anesthesiologists, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Dentists, orthodontists, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Investistori bank, aeronautical engineers, and so on.

Despite the global economic crisis began in the first decade of 2000 employment data in the UK have always been among the most successful encouraging the European Union, recording an unemployment rate below the European average. The labor market in the UK is a dynamic, characterized by a high flexibility and policies for work-orientedto promote excellence and equal opportunities.

To settle in the UK it takes planning: the essential "Permanent Visa".

The term "Permanent Visa" refers to permanent residence in the United Kingdom.This is the right to remain in this State for an unlimited period and the ability to work and travel with no restriction at all, i.e. without the need of Visas or work permits. Nevertheless, people are not allowed to leave the UK for more than two years because there they risk to lose their resident status.

Here is how you can get a "Permanent Visa" in the UK:

  • After a year of marriage to a British citizen.After four years of continuous work in the UK.
  • If you have been lawfully resident in the UK for at least 10 years.

Achieving this status is not so easy, given the first discretion of competent Authorities in the examination of requests, which, together with the administrative procedure which is rather complex (it requires expertise and specific knowledge for the proper preparation and presentation of the documentation) making the whole process complicated and heavy. In addiction, the importance of a compliant documentation in order to ensure the visa is essential. Bright Business Consulting LLP can offer you "Warranty & Assistance" to assist all those who wish to start the process for a "Permanent Visa".



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