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Monday, July 16, 2018

United Kingdom (UK) for Companies

Not long ago already established as a world power, the United Kingdom still has a strong branching of its presence in many other Countries. If we combine this with the facilitation of language and the massive presence in the UK of companies and people from all over the world, you can understand how the UK is an ideal destination for foreign enterprises who want to begin the process of "Company Internationalization ".

The UK is the sixth largest importer in the world by value and goods, having a long tradition of openness and fairness in its domestic market. The very different social stratification of its population makes the market receptive to products belonging to all sectors, from exclusivity and luxury to mass commodities.

The UK is the second largest Country in the world for the stock of Foreign Direct Investment - FDI on its territory. All those wishing to start new businesses and / or diversify investment plans (both large and small ones) they will find the ideal area in the United Kingdom.

The reasons:

  • Its simplified bureaucracy and tax breaks for investors.
  • Tax relief for investors.
  • Loan facilities.
  • Its efficient transportation network.
  • Its competitive energy bill.
  • Its excellent supply of skilled manpower with a labor legislation which eases entrepreneurial flexibility.
  • Its reliable and efficient legal system.

On one hand, they offer the protection of trademarks and patents and corporate Laws that allow greater flexibility of operations and on the other hand, a more advantageous tax system. You can therefore be resident for tax purposes in the UK, benefiting from corporate systems which are more flexible, markets which have cheaper capital and more dynamic financial markets.

In order to go through a deep analysis of the market and any decision on long-term Investments, an expert suggestion is advisable: Bright Business Consulting LLP is the right partner that provides you strong assurance all the way through.

It should be said that the strategy of British Government's economic policy is leading the "Country" by 2030, toward a rebalancing of the production system, shifting financed consumption by public and private debt and by
financial income toward private investment, industrial production and exports.

One of the most distinctive features of the economic environment in the UK is the existence of incentives and tax breaks for both start-up projects and whoever wants to make new investments into already existing enterprises. To get these benefits you need to know the reality of its territory, its legislation, Customs for carrying out a proper assessment of bureaucratic and planning path to deal with. Bright Business Consulting LLP can assist you all the way.

The choice of incentives and benefits that businesses can benefit from investing in the United Kingdom is very broad and also aimed at promoting domestic policy objectives. They are provided as tax benefits, reduction of taxes, tax credits, grants to free fund and so forth.

Innovation and technological research are the keys to access those incentives and tax benefits issued by British Government.

To seize the opportunities offered by the UK market it is necessary to be present on site or indirectly through Bright Business Consulting LLP which may indicate you the most appropriate opportunities regarding to your situation; our "Counselling Aimed at Company Investigation and Commercial Information" is useful. This characterizes the advantage of seizing emerging trends and peculiarities of British demand, as well as shortening the distance between producers and consumers both logistically and commercially, constantly monitoring both regulatory developments and administrative policies adopted and implemented by governmental Authorities, which given the continental vastness of the Country may be subjected to significant changes.

In view of the above circumstances, foreign investors who want to create or expand their businesses in the UK can:

  • Set up a new company in compliance with the Law in force in the United Kingdom.
  • Work in the United Kingdom as a Sole Trader.
  • Establish a Partnership with one or more British companies.
  • Establish a place of business or a branch in the UK.
  • Enter into agreements with other entrepreneurs or companies which are already working in the British market (Joint Venture).


A common vehicle through which foreign companies establish a presence in United Kingdom, is the registration of a representative office, a choice that should be carefully evaluated. Many foreign companies have set up representative offices in United Kingdom as the first step of their entry strategy into the Country, as well as in order to gain experience and a better understanding of the size and potential of the British Market. Through a representative office, a foreign company may carry out a limited range of activities that can be the basis to make the company more involved with United Kingdom.

It is important to remember that the place of business or branch is not a separated Legal Entity, it is rather an extension of its parent company. In this regard, a British Legal Entity with appropriate credits and which is well-structured is advisable. Bright Business Consulting LLP is your ideal partner for the implementation of it.

In practice, the following are the activities that the representative office may carry out without limitations:

  • Streghtening relashionships with local and foreign contacts, on behalf of its own parent company.
  • Receiving delegates from its parent company.
  • How to start relashionships with British government organizations.
  • You should conduct market research, surveys, demonstration activities for your own parent company in the local market, manage warranty and after-sales service and other non-profit activities.

Any gain coming indirectly from your place of business is subjected to the same taxation scheduled for UK companies. It is possible to get a tax cut based on the rules laid down by Treaties against double taxation.



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