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Monday, July 16, 2018

Real Estate Properties in United Kingdom (UK)

"Real Estate Properties in United Kingdom - (UK)" has been for at least a century universally considered one of the most mature one in the world and it is also a relevant market-place for investment, given the presence of very important private, institutional and foreign investors.

The United Kingdom, in this area, has strong fundamentals, including a dynamic demand supported by population growth mainly due to immigration and an increasing economy. In addition, liquidity, transparency, an effective legislative and excellent professionals add further success to the market. Despite the crisis, in the United Kingdom those who decide to buy their houses are increasing. The cost of real estate is increasing and British property market, too.

Decisive are the direct aid that the Government has funded for those who decide to open a mortgage (Help to Buy), and indirectly, involving banks. Mortgage rates are at their historic lowest levels. Banks grant loans more
easily, seen that it is easier for them to access to funds that the Central Bank made available.

The UK has long been in the presence of a phenomenon driven by financialization of the economy. This process did not remain immune to the the real estate sector, which employs a myriad of real estate companies with constant influx of foreign capital intermediated by one of the most advanced Credit and financial systems globally. Lately these companies increased their exposure to other countries that show large potential. Despite sometimes we look at a phase of stationarity in the number of transactions, the field of traditional stores is still very dynamic and attractive for domestic investors and above all International ones. The attention of foreign investors is focused on this kind of real estate:

  • Residential Real Estate.
  • Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

Reports of leading real estate companies in the UK have confirmed London is the center of the real estate market for anyone who wants to invest, and more and more, especially for business or by choice to settle in the capital. Why is London mentioned when it comes to real estate investment? Several factors make London an attractive city for an investor:

  • London is at the top for culture and the Arts, thanks to talents coming from all over the world. Currently it is the best city work for, conduct your business and invest.
  • London is the center of global finance and international companies have enormous confidence in the future of this market, defined as a global business center.
  • London is the bank of the real estate of the world because there are no restrictions for foreigners wishing to buy property.
  • The steady increase in the population of London and the supply of housing which is relatively low compared to the demand creates significant opportunities for whoever is investing in apartments both in the center and in the outskirts of London.

House prices in the UK are among the highest in Europe, having more than doubled in the last ten years. The cost of a square metre in the center of London is around 18 thousand Euros.

But the fact remains that the real estate market shows little consistency and there is still a huge unbalance between the capital in growth and the rest of the Country. It is estimated that in London the price growth will come up to 23% alongside a significant innovation: the growth will favor the outskirts rather than the center, i.e. the new districts.

Bright Business Consulting LLP through strong relationships owned in the Country is able to select and propose solutions suited to any need of investment .

The main reasons to invest in real estate in the United Kingdom are:

  • A High income from rental property.
  • A constant revaluation of property with average annual growth of 8-12%.
  • Getting easy loans for investment in real estate with financing up to 80% of their value.
  • Tax system which favours foreign investors.
  • No Stamp Duty Land Tax - SDLT below 125 000 GBP.

The situation is different in the rental market. In the UK only 10% of the family live in rented accommodation, a very small percentage compared with continental Europe. Rents vary greatly depending on the area chosen.

The properties are located in London and the South East of England has the highest rent. In general, rents are lower in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North of England, but there are exceptions in big cities.

Individuals and investors usually have difficulties in getting proper clear information on buying and selling real estate.Considered that the "players" in the property market are not always trustworthy and in less popular regions there may be frauds as concerns the cadastral registration of the properties, Bright Business Consulting LLP is able to warrant its customers:

  • The origin of the property.
  • The full assistance in every step of the technical, legal and bureaucratic transaction.
  • The high potential of revaluation of the investment.

Given that Bright Business Consulting LLP does not work in the field of "Real Estate Properties" in the first person, but it is rather involved in this sector through consolidated and calcified synergies in the "PEE Project", useful to the accompaniment of the companies interested in this market. However, in this scenario the analysis through a "Counselling Aimed at Company Investigations & Commercial Information" is a right suggestion, especially for those businesses that want to operate in the field of "Real Estate Properties in United Kingdom – (UK)".


In order to operate successfully, today and in perspective, in the growing field of "Real Estate Properties in United Kingdom – (UK)" is absolutely advisable to have a local strong commercial presence also with the aim of accessing both contributions and "Tax Incentives in United Kingdom – (UK)". For such a purpose a British corporate body with suitable accreditations is advisable, so Bright Business Consulting LLP is the ideal partner for the fulfilment of what has been already mentioned.



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