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Monday, July 16, 2018

Logistics in United Kingdom (UK)

The transport sector and "Logistics in United Kingdom - (UK)" accounts for 5% GDP of the Country, employing about 23 million people in 200 thousand companies. In logistics, the UK has always been identified as a point of reference in the international scene, a model to be observed with interest and to copy as much as possible.

Freight transport in the area, both for imports and exports, is mainly made of rubber and carried out mainly by containers, while the railways is below European average. Therefore, it is undeniable that heavy traffic has a significant impact on the national road network, complicated by the fact that the main highways, for the most part multi-lane ones, are driven for free. Port activities are low-key compared to Mediterranean ones, especially in Rotterdam.

The general picture about transport influences the Industry and consequently logistics of this State.

In the field of Materials Handling, we note an almost-disappeared local industry, therefore all or almost all manufacturers of shelving, stacker-lift trucks, conveyors, even forklifts come from foreign industrial enterprises which own their commercial and planning offices in the UK.

For foreign investors there are real investment opportunities in the following categories:

  • Equipment areas, loading / unloading of trucks.
  • Retractable warehouses.
  • Fork-lift trucks.
  • Overhead travelling crane.
  • Packaging, pallets, boxes and drawers.
  • Industrial doors and front doors.
  • Industrial Shelving.
  • Palletizing systems.
  • Automated warestores.

Another sector that offers ample opportunity is computer science, with emphasis on the development of softwares for distribution logistics. Very interesting are tools for localizing addresses and calculating paths for conveyors or customizing software for PDAs.

Given that Bright Business Consulting LLP does not work in the field of "Logistics" in the first person, but it is involved in this industry through consolidated and calcified synergies in the "PEE Project ", useful to the accompaniment of the companies involved in this market. However, in this scenario the analysis through a "Counselling Aimed at Company Investigations & Commercial Information " is the right suggestion, especially for businesses that want to operate in the field of "Logistics in United Kingdom – (UK)" selling equipment and/or related accessories.


In order to operate successfully, today and in perspective, in the growing field of "Renewable Energies in United Kingdom – (UK)" is absolutely advisable to have a local strong commercial presence also with the aim of accessing both to contributions and "Tax Incentives in United Kingdom – (UK)" For such a purpose a British corporate body with suitable accreditations is advisable, so Bright Business Consulting LLP is the ideal partner for the fulfilment of what hs been already mentioned.



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