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Monday, July 16, 2018

Market Opportunities in United Kingdom (UK)

The UK is one of the cheapest countries in the world from its tax point of view, with several benefits both for companies and entrepreneurs.

British tax system fact provides for:

  • Corporate taxes which are among the lowest in Europe.
  • Strong incentives (up to 100% deduction) and/or incentives for the investments in research and development.
  • An effective system of monitoring and enforcement of treaties against double taxation.
  • Personal competitive taxes.
  • A minimum contribution in the field of social services.

The UK is the second most powerful economy in Europe after Germany. Since 2010, British economy has been growing by an annual average which is around 2.7%.

The main sector of British economy is Services, which opposite to the begun in the early months of 2008, has been growing annually and steadily by 1.5%, with good prospects up to 2030. The field of "Renewable Energy in United Kingdom - (UK)" is certainly one of the most leading area on the rise, particularly wind and marine energy branches (the Government aims to have reached 15% of energy production from renewable sources by 2020).

The primary sector affects GDP (GDP - Gross Domestic Product) a little less than 1%. The highly mechanized agricultural intensification and livestock farming have always met about 60% of domestic needs, eploying using a substantial workforce.

The secondary sector accounts for around 21% of GDP, occupying about 18% of its workforce.

The tertiary sector, the most important one for the United Kingdom, is about 79% of GDP, employing about 80% of its workforce.

The main industries are active in the production of machine tools, automation equipment, marine sector, aviation, railway, communication and electronics branches. The "Country" is rich in mineral resources, especially natural gas, oil, coal, zinc, lead, silver and gold. The mines of gold, silver, oil and natural gas are property of the British Crown and they can be licensed.

The medium-term outlook of British economy continue to offer a potentially favorable framework for Foreign Direct Investment - FDI in the territory. Targeting a reinforcement of any market positions acquired and a development of new area of penetration, the branches where to direct intervention of promotional initiatives are, e.g.:

  • "AGRICULTURE AND FOOD INDUSTRY IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": The UK may give great reward to companies that deal with determination and flexibility with the British market, whose key differentiator compared to other European markets is the huge purchasing power of a few retail operators (Mass Distribution).Imported agricultural products have been collecting for years a growing success shown by their positive trend of imports in the sector.
  • "RENEWABLE ENERGY IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": It is of great interest to foreign investors. Great Britain has signed the European agreement on renewable energy expecting to increase the production of energy from renewable sources to 15% of total production. Although the achievement of this looks overly ambitious, British Government reiterated its determination to reach it on time. Note that "The Country" was the first to open up the market to deregulation in the field of energy supply and that consumers, both residential and industrial ones, can easily switch suppliers.
  • "LOGISTICS IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": The transport Sector and Logistics in the United Kingdom - (UK)" accounts for 5% of GDP of the Country, employing about 23 million people in 200 000 companies. In the field of logistics, the United Kingdom has always been identified as a reference on the international scene, i.e. a model to be followed with interest and to copy as much as possible. The UK is a market of great interest in the field of machines and food technology, packaging and machine tools.
  • "REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": The United Kingdom, in this area, has a strong basis, including a strong demand supported by an increased population mainly due to immigration and a firm economy. In addition, liquidity, transparency, an effective legislative framework and excellent professionals give further gloss to the market. Despite the crisis, in the UK those who decide to buy their house are more and more. The cost of buildings is increasing and British real estate market, too.
  • "CREATIVE INDUSTRIES IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": Filmmaking, television and music are a vital part of British economy both for their turnover and employment as well as museums and galleries, photography. British Government has approved a budget of approximately 16 million GBP in support of "Creative Industries in the UK- (UK) "(cinema, music, fashion, design, software, architecture and so forth). The program - Create UK, aims at having doubled the size of the exports in the sector - from 15 billion GBP in 2012 to approximately 31 billion GBP by 2020 - through supporting foreign trade, education, investment, infrastructure and intellectual property protection.
  • "COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES IN UNITED KINGDOM – (UK)": In recent years, the software industry has been the first to attraction d' investment in the UK. And 'to detect the presence of the district production of Tech City, an area on the outskirts of London recently reclaimed. It is a cluster established by the British authorities through the A (A (Ministry of Development) and UKTI (his arm Operating for inward investment and export promotion) with in order to attract foreign companies in the high technology sector and with 'ambition to become the most important center of Europe's Digital.
  • "LIFE SCIENCES AND BIOTECHNOLOGY IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": It is a European reference, in particular in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, chemical fields and agrifood industry. There are more than 430 biotechnology companies as well as service providers with a turnover of 2.5 billion GBP.
  • "AEROSPACE INDUSTRY IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": This industry is one of the most globally competitive field with a significant presence in all major civil and defense projects, as well as one of the most successful manufacturing branches in the UK. This sector is one of the few leading industries with high added value in the UK which can legitimately claim to have a high ability to design, manufacture and give service support.
  • "BANKING AND FINANCE IN UNITED KINGDOM - (UK)": The Marketplace of London has the highest Worldwide concentration of international financial institutions and investors, making London the most Internationalized among the major centers of global finance. More than half of those participating companies are foreign-owned, mainly by North American and European owners.

To seize the opportunities offered by the UK market you need to be present on site, or indirectly through Bright Business Consulting LLP that may indicate which opportunities best fit your situation; in this regard, our "Counselling Aimed at Company Investigations and Commercial Information" is useful. This characterizes the advantage of seizing any emerging trends and peculiarities of British demand, as well as shorten the distance between producers and consumers logistically and commercially, constantly monitoring both regulatory developments and administrative policies adopted and implemented by governmental Authorities that may be subjected to significant changes.



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