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Monday, July 16, 2018

Counselling Aimed at Citizenship

The economic prosperity, political stability and favorable regulations to entrepreneurs make the UK the place of choice for investors throughout the world. In London, its core and main service center of the financial world, the United Kingdom is a magnet for entrepreneurial activities and an ideal place to grow, succeed and access job opportunities. It is important to understand how you can apply for and obtain your British citizenship. Being British is different from having a simple "Permanent Visa".

Obtaining British citizenship is not easy, therefore one shall be well informed and know in advance any bureaucratic process to follow which can help a lot. After being officially British citizens, one is allowed to reside and work in the territory of the United Kingdom for a unlimited period.

To become a British citizen one must be under certain conditions:

  • Have a residence permit in the Country for at least 1 year.
  • Having lived legally in the Country for at least 5 whole years (no more than 450 days must be spent abroad and not more than 90 days out of the British territory over the course of the year when the application was made).
  • Have plans to continue living in the Country.
  • Have a good knowledge of the English language.
  • Do not have a criminal record.
  • Have sufficient income.

Before submitting the application to become a citizen, you must verify that you possess the essential requirements mentioned above. Foreigners over 18 can also apply for British Citizenship, when they have been married to a British citizen and have lived legally in the UK for at least three years (not more than 270 days spent abroad and not more than 90 days spent abroad during the year when the application was made).

As mentioned above, to become British citizens you must be resident in the UK. This can be demonstrated through the performance of a paycheck or self-certification attesting to the work you performed on the territory or rent payments.

Another element to be reckoned with is the knowledge of English language. It is compulsory to take an exam at "Lal Torbay" Institute, which is authorized by the department of the bureau which is responsible for immigration control procedures (Border and Immigration Agency of the Home Office). The results of the test will certify the proficiency and suitability to become a British citizen. After taking this test, you must wait for about six months to get your result. After that, you can proceed with filling and submission of the forms to obtain your citizenship.

Bright Business Consulting LLP is able to support you through the bureaucratic process which is necessary to obtain British citizenship. A documentation will be sent and you will have to wait for a variable period (about a month) for a positive or negative answer. If your request is rejected, you can send the documentation again within two years after the first one. If the latter will be rejected, too you will not be able to become a British citizen.



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