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Monday, July 16, 2018

Counselling Aimed at Opening Bank Current Accounts

tr4Opening a bank account in your Country of residence is an easy and common operation. Indeed, it is not if you want to open a bank-account abroad. Opening a foreign individual bank account is a completely Legal practice. The task of Bright Business Consulting LLP is exactly to make this process easy.

In some cases, in order to open a foreign bank account, banks require an introduction letter duly translated and authenticated by your local bank and, if you do not speak and understand properly the language of the chosen Country, you can misunderstand what that bureaucracy needs.

There are situations where the tax system deserves special insights and situations where it is important to choose the currency of the bank-account. Finally, not every bank allows opening of bank accounts to foreign entities. This can be an obstacle if you want to set up a company abroad in the fastest and most convenient way as possible.

Bright Business Consulting LLP works with banks in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Cyprus, Panama, Belize, Austria, Monaco and other Countries which are suitable for opening accounts signed by both individuals and legal entities.

Various Services are offered:

  • Opening On and Off-Shore bank accounts.
  • Opening multi-currency On and Off-Shore bank accounts.
  • Savings accounts opened with Off-Shore banks.

All bank accounts have ATM and Internet Banking on request.

Because currency rules change frequently, Bright Business Consulting LLP is the right partner to define through a careful analysis which way to implement and what type of "Bank Account" you can apply for. Depending on the needs of the Customer (higher profitability accounts, business or family interests in a given Country, transfer because of work, reduction of risk in the Country, the need for trust management and so forth) may be convenient to open a bank account in a foreign Country rather than in another one. Last, it is crucial to point out that the choice of the bank is essential, considering not every banks can offer the same products.

Due to these specific needs, without diminishing the other ones, the process of "Due Diligence" to be implemented should be considered an job that has to be carried out carefully in order to ensure and assist the individual or legal entity through the necessary procedure in order to get an operating bank-account. More..




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