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Monday, July 16, 2018

Counselling Aimed at Finding Funds, Credit Modes or Partner Finding

One of the main services offered by Bright Business Consulting LLP is precisely to bring into operation a project. We can interpret the matter  as the final piece of a process leading to the creation of a "Business Plan".

Hence the need of the customer to raise the capital needed to meet the pursuit of its business:

  • Use their own financial resources or belonging to related companies.
  • Borrow money to family or company related to it.
  • Apply for mortgages and bank loans.
  • Obtain public funding through laws and projects encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • Seeking a financial or principal.
  • Research entities providing risk capital for businesses.
  • Search for institutional investors in venture capital.
  • Research resources through institutional channels and professional preferences.

Discarded some of them, our "Company" is responsible for starting the phase of finding  on your behalf by being given a formal mandate.

This service we offer is also an important and, to what mentioned above, can be added:

  • Research of suitable ways of opening lines of credit.
  • Research of suitable ways of access to the conventional and or privileged credit.
  • Research of investors involved in the operation.

There are no restrictions of size or sector planning where to operate, but preliminary assessments need to be made in relation to the type of "Business Plan" achieved or to be achieved.

Examples of areas:

  • Commercial transactions.
  • Property transactions.
  • Transactions with business plans.
  • Operations with production plans.
  • Science projects for research.
  • Plans for completion of the research.
  • Financial transactions.

Precisely at this point you have to accentuate a primary and fundamental attention. It is necessary to know that the construction of the document "Business Plan", as well as its presentation (understood not as an image but because of the layout of the content) changes depending on the person or entity to whom you should contact.

In simplistic terms, the "Business Plan" can not be used unambiguously, you will need to calibrate it, taking into account many aspects that may be useful to pursue success.

In United Kingdom, the financial and banking system are well regulated. The main British banks have a strong balance sheet compared to other worldwide lending institutions. This is a guarantee for foreign companies who need both to finance their investments in United Kingdom and to remain in the Country.

There is a widespread presence in the UK of foreign banking groups that mainly operate through representative offices in major cities across the Country. The representative office is functional for foreign companies, especially small and medium ones. These represent an important foothold that ensures relationships with the major banks, facilitating the use of methods of payment such as letters of credit, guarantees and operations under the more general trade finance.

Bright Business Consulting LLP supports customers in finding and choosing a financial partner, as well as it provides assistance and advice to "Opening of Current Accounts" , verifying and then suggesting the line of credit viable and profitable or the suitable bank where you can address a business relationship .



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