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Monday, July 16, 2018

VAT Statements in United Kingdom (UK)

Our "Company " through BBC-LLP expert Individuals accredited in the United Kingdom (Tax Advisor), handles any form and presentation of "VAT Statements in United Kingdom - (UK)," and the related payments . Whatever the due date, its filing must be submitted every three months. Bright Business Consulting LLP offers its Customers "Warranty & Assistance", as well as knowledge in the field. Once its recording is done, the first time due to present a "VAT Statements in United Kingdom - (UK)" is issued by the the Authority in charge.

The management of VAT can be performed, optionally, according to the following two ways:

  • STANDARD MANAGEMENT: VAT settlement is calculated on the basis of invoices issued and received, regardless of their collection and/or payment.
  • MANAGEMENT IN CASH: VAT settlement is calculated on the basis of any VAT collected from VAT-free invoices paid on all invoices received. It is a system used by companies with a turnover which is less than 1.6 million GBP and liabilities which are less than 1.3 million GBP.

From the periodic payment of VAT the net amount which must be paid to the competent Authority is counted on a quarterly basis.

The easiest way to manage VAT duty is to use an accounting software that allows you to monitor periodically the VAT due to the competent authority. One of the strengths of Bright Business Consulting LLP is to be able to provide the Customer an accounting software Service, which can be accessed on-line from any location. This software permits real-time updating of companies' s accounting and consulting their books. Our studio in London will be immediately updated, supporting you in your business management , providing, upon request, the best assistance about any information and/or questions related to data entry.



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